R & L Practice was created by Dr. Joe Martin, a meditation teacher
and ordained interfaith minster, to provide spiritual counseling,
work in contemplative practice for individuals and groups --
methods of meditation methods or "awakened movement"
techniques--and to lead ceremonies or rituals that are part of the
stages of life: weddings, baby namings, memorial services, and
other events that mark new passages.

The rose and the lotus are unfolding flowers, both used to represent
the opening of wisdom and compassion; the former specifically in
the Sufi and Christian traditions, and the latter in Buddhist and
Hindu art and literature. The great wisdom paths share many of the
same goals and answer the same aspirations. That is why they have
been singled out as the "perennial philosophy" which runs through
the world's great religions, art forms and systems of psychology.

R & L Practice makes use therefore of silent meditation,
contemplation utilizing art and music, or teaching texts (from sutras
to parables to poetry), designed through the millennia for these

Having a grounding in contemplative techniques has become an
increasingly important way of finding who we really are in our
accelerating world
and environment with their maddening demands.
We seek repose
in our lives, but many of us also seek to live
awakened lives with and increased grounding in compassion and

In Buddhism, Sufism, the "higher" yogas and Christian gnostic
traditions the essentials of contemplative practice overlap. R & L
Practice provides an opportunity to learn more about these and
other traditions, while working experientially in a manner that is
approachable for both religious and non-religious people who are
interested in counseling, awareness practice, group meditations and

One part of the mission of  R & L is to help people find their way to
a spiritual -- or even philosophical -- tradition that will help them
find meaning: that is to help them "situate" themselves in life.
There are as many paths as there are individuals, but there is a
stage in which many people need guidance to find a path, a
tradition, a discipline within which they can work. The goals of
counseling are designed for the individual, but some general
objectives include: 1) giving guidance on the path to your Path, 2)
finding one's way through loss or grief; 3) opening up to increased
compassion, love and "awakeness."  

Love and awakeness can also be found in the group settings of our
common rituals for babies, the betrothed, times when we moust
come to terms with death or loss, or any times of transition and

A note on contemplative practice:
As scientifically based organizations like the Mind and Life Institute
have shown; and organizations like the Center for Contemplative
Mind in Society have put in practice in universities and institutions
around the country -- science is increasingly demonstrating the
radical individual and social value of meditation and mindfulness,
not to mention more pristine awareness.This is how the future, if it
is not to be forfeited for any and all of us, will unfold and open.