ROSE & LOTUS PRACTICE currently offers the following modalities:

    1)  SPIRITUAL COUNSELING:  This is very much tailored to the individual,
    her/his spiritual tradition and personal objectives.

    This has much in common with various Buddhist, Yoga and Sufi meditation
    circles.  It starts from the simplicity of "beginners mind" -- and ends there as
    well.  It exposes participants to a range of contemplative techniques, without
    being specifically  tied to any religion.  The teacher also takes time with
    participants to discuss their experience, and their individual quest -- in some
    cases, if they are prepared, sending them in the direction of spiritual traditions
    and teachers who may be a right "fit" for them.

    3) BABEL WORKSHOPS IN AWAKENED MOVEMENT: is for actors, dancers and
    people looking to simply open up their spontaneity.  It makes advanced
    students more mindful, focused and precise, and allows aspiring and less
    experienced people to learn to move and work with an ensemble of others
    without the clutter of prepared scripts or choreography.  We work with space
    and time, employing body and mind.  The goal is to increase creativity through
    "no -mind" but with the intelligence of mindfulness.  The workshops employ
    the Viewpoints from actor and dance training as used at Shambhala University
    and Saratoga International Theatre Institute, the Yoga of action, in certain
    sessions martial-arts-based movement, and techniques of employing the voice
    and texts with special meaning to the individual students.  

    Rose & Lotus: Teachers and Guides:

    Primary teacher, Joe Daoud Martin is an ordained interfaith minister and
    essayist, playwright, director, fiction writer, and author of books on arts and
    spirituality. He also teaches meditation and spiritual performance techniques.
    A recipient of two Rockefeller Foundation grants and three grants from the
    DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, he has travelled extensively in
    India, Turkey, and the Maghreb. In 2001, he held a Senior Fulbright
    Scholarship in Eastern Europe, and has twice worked in Jerusalem and
    Palestine as a Senior Fulbright Specialist. He has several times directed his
    stage version of Rumi’s MATHNAVI as a "theatre for peace" project. During his
    time in India he studied at the Institute for Buddhist Dialectics in Dharamsala.

    A student of Buddhism and Sufism for 38 years, who has also worked with
    Christian contemplative teachers at The New Seminary, he has maintained
    long ties with various Sufi orders and Buddhist Mahayana lineages in the US
    and abroad. These include the Mevlevi order (the lineage of Rumi),
    Naqshbandi and  Inayati lineages, having been initiated in the Nimatullahi Sufi
    order in 1993. He maintains ties with the Zen Peacemaker Order and Vajrayana
    teachers in Dharamsala India, where he studied at the Institute of Buddhist

    Martin’s decades of research and practical studies of the spiritual traditions
    and contemplative practice around the world are synthesized in one of his
    various  books The Rose and the Lotus: Sufism and Buddhism – Two Wisdom
    Traditions.  For eight years he has been serving as an associate instructor at
    the El Haddawi Winter School in spiritual performance in Germany.  (Rose &
    Lotus in the past has been the central theme at El Haddawi, and included Sufi
    and Buddhist artists/teachers.)  Currently, Joe is a senior lecturer at Johns
    Hopkins University in Theatre Arts and Studies, and recently a resident Fellow
    in Arts and Peace at the Center for Global Peace in Washington DC.  His
    current interfaith work also extends to peace-building and conflict resolution.

    Visiting Teacher: Ingo Taleb Rashid, artistic and spiritual director of the El
    Haddawi Winter School and performance group near Munich, Germany.  A
    Shaikh of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order, Rashid has studied and integrated
    martial arts from Japan, where he trained, into his work.  He has been
    spending much time in recent years with practitioners of the Altaic
    shamanistic path in Siberia and Asian Russia, which has been integrated into
    his teaching at El Hadawwi.  Rashid has choreographed and directed large
    scale works in various countries, including his "Danse Macabre" which took
    place throughout the city streets of Lucerne Swtzerland, and later in
    Wasseburg in Bavaria, with the crowds being led from the city streets to a
    theatre where they witnessed a perfomance version of the Tibetan Book of the
    Dead.   He continues his work as a spiritual teacher of his Sufi tradition.  For
    more information on El Haddawi or the Winter School in Europe go to:


    Lee Ordeman, Associate teacher (M.S., M.F.A.) is a performing artist and
    teacher with extensive training in Western and Eastern traditions. He has
    traveled extensively in Asia and lived in Japan for a dozen years, working as a
    journalist and studying martial arts, meditation and dance. He trained for five
    years with famed dancer-choreographer Kei Takei, performed as a member of
    her dance company Moving Earth, and founded an improvisation
    collaborative called Human Garden, which brought together dancers,
    musicians and martial artists. A lifelong student of the movement and
    meditation art Shintaido, he taught for eight years in Tokyo and since 2000
    has led classes in the Baltimore-Washington region. He specializes in radical
    movement training for actors and dancers. As an actor, he performs
    professionally in local theatres and video and is a member of Actors’ Equity
    Association. He also is an associate instructor with the El Haddawi Dance
    Theatre Company of Bavaria, Germany.
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